In collaboration with U-BOAT, the ULISSE watch is a unique and exclusive piece.

With its domed glass filled with oil and the characteristic air bubble,

it is an accessory that not only measures time

it into a sensory experience.


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Rationality and Imagination

The Ulisse watch stands out for its semi-spherical domed glass, a bold design that envelops the dial in a protective embrace. Inside, the oil creates an unparalleled visual effect: the dial appears to float in a liquid universe where light refracts.

The distinctive air bubble is more than an aesthetic detail; it is a demonstration of technical mastery and creativity.

The design is a perfect balance between rationality and imagination, just like the union between U-Boat and Kendall.

Italo Fontana, designer

Kendall is not just a watch; it is a journey through time, a desire to explore unknown worlds.

Its spirit arises from the timeless human desire for discovery, which will always drive one to go beyond what is known.

I am animated by this spirit: the past that never ceases to inspire me and the future that fascinates and enchants me because I do not know what awaits me; I can only imagine it.

It is the essence of time: the only thing that belongs to me and that I can use as I please.

That's why I create watches.